I'm trying to sleep, but the voices in my head are too loud, and I'm remembering all these things that I've done. So I turn to my side and face the wall, and breathe slowly. Close my eyes, open them, close them once more. I see his face now, you know, the boy I told you about. Now, I know I won't be able to sleep. I suppose this is why most people haunt them in the darkness of the night. I turn the lights on, sit on the edge of my bed and cry. Just a littlebit, just to make it easier to breathe. I turn the lights off and try to sleep again; it's going to be a long night.

20.2.10 10:22


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fë / Website (20.2.10 10:58)
wundervoll mitgefühlt.
ich glaube nicht, dass man diese nächte besser in worte fassen könnte.
...ich mag wie du schreibst.

liebe grüße

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